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Groom and Groomsmen Accessories

Whether you leave it to your man, or you’re in charge of the finer details, you want him at his best!

Appearances usually are scrutinised at a wedding ceremony – well before everybody gets too drunk to notice at least. So we thought we’d help you and your groom to be as much as we can.
We’ve compiled a list of accessories for men that may often be overlooked in the heat of things.

So to save running round like a headless chicken on the morning of the wedding looking for socks without any holes in, we’ve put it in black and white for you.

Yes gentlemen, the aforementioned socks do matter! We don’t want to see your odd, discoloured, holey socks popping out to say hello from your dapper suit… It’s really not a good combo.

We don’t even mind how crazy you go, wear yellow and pink spotted socks if you like, just please keep them clean, preferably new. Granted, with the dance moves I usually see from the grooms, they will make an appearance.

‘A chain is only as strong as its weakest link,’ or so they say. Well don’t be that link!

1Cufflinks can be as personalised as you like. They can be made to suit the mature man, you can have bespoke cufflinks that represent your favourite TV show as a child, they can be custom made with the initials of you and your lovely lady etched in to the face, or even crafted to symbolise your marriage. The possibilities are endless.

A tie slide is a lot more powerful than you may realise. They have the power to enforce a superior finish to any old tie.

Here you can find beautifully designed tie slides, crafted from only the best materials. Available in a range of colour – all equally as smart as each other – there’s sure be one that catches your eye.3

I’m sure you guys will agree this is self-explanatory (although many of you do have a tendency to switch off when it comes to shopping) to use a tie slide, you need a… TIE!

A tie says a lot about a groom and his groomsmen. Whether you opt for identical ties or a variety that all incorporate similar colours and patterns, it really brings you all together.

Bespoke ties are perfect for weddings. You can easily find the perfect tie for you and your groomsmen designed and manufactured without the hassle of the searching.

Even if you opt for slightly different ties for each groomsmen, if they are bespoke you at least know you can achieve the exact same pattern just in a different colour or vice versa.

Custom-made ties with the choice of polyester or silk and they can embroider each tie for that personalised edge.

Considering you’re so in the swing of things, one last little thing…Get yourself a pocket square to really give you that polished look.2

You can purchase an exquisite bespoke pocket square to match your beautifully created tie, which is sure to impress your Bride.

Providing you’ve organised the basics such as a suit, shoes and er, the RINGS… We think you’re now ready to go!

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